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Why AgXplore?

AgXplore offers a complete line of high performance crop input products. All of our crop nutrition and fertility management products are designed with one goal: increase your crop’s yield potential and ROI capability. AgXplore has the technical know-how, proprietary technologies and research-based solutions you can trust, while continuously bringing innovative solutions to ongoing agricultural challenges.

Nitrogen management aid specifically focused for use with anhydrous ammonia and UAN applications. NZone GL uses a biodegradable polymer that is highly negatively charged, creating a CEC site for positively charged ammonium to bind, promoting uptake and fertilizer efficiency, all while maintaining soil biology. Learn More >

Nitrogen management product for dry and liquid applications to reduce nitrogen loss and help the plant utilize nitrogen more efficiently. Learn More >

An easy-to-use liquid formulation that is application-friendly while providing an even distribution of nutrients. This micronutrient blend is essential for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. Learn More >

BORPAK® is a 7.5% boron with technology that increases nutrient uptake and utilization. Learn More >


Proprietary blend of complex carbohydrates, simple sugars, and biologically derived metabolites. It is engineered to enhance plant performance and vigor. Learn More >

Utilizes a 7-12-1 formula partnered with a technology package to aid in plant performance and yield potential. Learn More >

A balanced 8-32-5 foliar package with added humates engineered to supply necessary nutrition to plants at the time nutrients are in highest demand. Learn More >

A liquid potassium acetate with nCeption technology designed for maximum uptake and utilization by plants. Learn More >

A foliar sulfur technology designed to complement nutrient demand and increase yield potential. XR5 Sulfur is an excellent source of foliar sulfur that can be tank mixed with post applications across multiple crops. Learn More >

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