Micro Starter

Enhances soil nutrient conditions to supports roots and early plant development

Micro Starter is a unique blend of chelated manganese, chelated zinc, boron and molybdenum. While specifically formulated for corn, soybeans, wheat, peanuts and cotton, Micro Starter can be used on other crops where micronutrients would be beneficial.

Use Micro Starter in tandem with traditional starter fertilizers in 2″ x 2″ and in-furrow applications.

Micro Starter is powered by our nCeption and ChelaTech technologies. These exclusive formulas work together, and as a result, plant systems are more productive and improve in quality.

Powered by Exclusive AgXplore Technologies

nCeption: Makes it easier for plants to absorb and use nutrients, especially during key growth stages. ChelaTech: Keeps nutrients pure and protected until plants absorb them.

Product Advantages

  • Improves soil conditions.
  • Increases root growth and seedling vigor.
  • Increases yield potential.