MicroCoat Ultra

Enhances soil nutrient conditions to supports roots and early plant development
Supplements nutrition to enhance plant health

MicroCoat™ Ultra is an impregnated dry fertilizer additive that combines five essential micronutrients and proprietarily-derived Nutrient Efficient Technology™ (NET) and nCeption Technology™. MicroCoat Ultra is designed to improve the efficiency of applied fertilizers by accelerating the conversion and absorption of nutrients to a plant available form.

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NET: Ensures nutrients are readily available in plant preferred compounds around roots.

nCeption: Makes it easier for plants to absorb and use nutrients, especially during key growth stages.

Product Advantages

  • MicroCoat™ Ultra is powered by nCeption™ and Nutrient Enhancement Technology™ (NET) – technologies that significantly improve the availability and absorption of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.
  • MicroCoat™ Ultra utilizes important elements to provide crops with essential components needed for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.
  • MicroCoat™ Ultra enhances nutrient availability and utilization by plants by increasing cation availability and minimizing nutrient fixation.
  • MicroCoat™ Ultra’s formulation reduces dust and is convenient for application.