ContaiN Advanced

Canola, Corn, Cotton, Potatoes, Rice, Soybean, Wheat, Other

ContaiN Advanced is a nitrogen management product for dry and liquid applications used to reduce nitrogen loss and help the plant utilize nitrogen more efficiently. Using multiple modes of action, this formulation protects nitrogen from above ground loss while managing below ground nitrogen placement and mobility within the plant. This nitrogen management product is unlike untreated fertilizer or other nitrogen managements by offering a biologically friendly solution.

Along with XN Technology and NBPT, ContaiN Advanced also includes nCeption and NTake technologies for improved nitrogen management.

ContaiN Advanced is ideal when used with urea and UAN fertilizers to increase nitrogen uptake.

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XN (Xcelerated Nitrogen), nCeption and NTake.

Product Advantages

  • NBPT reduces nitrogen volatilization.
  • XN maintains nitrogen placement without disturbing soil biology.
  • nCeption provides carbon sources that increase nutrient absorption.
  • NTake maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems
  • Proprietary quick dry formulation.

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