Groundbreaking Technologies

Our custom technologies, combined with properties that reduce stress and enhance plant development, work to push your plant nutrition investment further.

AgXplore is leading the way in advanced plant nutrition technology.

For more than 20 years, we have researched, trialed and tested our way to the forefront of plant nutrition, continuously striving to provide solutions to your biggest challenge with proven results.

Our Proprietary TECHNOLOGY

Push your plant nutrition investment further. Our technologies help ensure plants use nutrients efficiently, improving ROI and yield.

Xcelerated Nitrogen

Increases nitrogen availability, uptake and efficiency without disrupting soil makeup.


Treats nutrients added to soil, putting them in a form plants can use.


Makes it easier for plants to absorb and use nutrients, especially during key growth stages.


Maximizes and speeds up nutrient delivery to critical plant systems, improving productivity and development.


Utilizes multiple EPA-approved plant growth technologies that are designed to improve plant growth and performance.

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With our on-staff chemists, AgXplore has spent more than 20 years developing proprietary technologies to help push your plant nutrition investment even further, improving ROI and yield. We all know that it’s important to have the right source, right rate, right time and right place, but AgXplore also feels it’s vital to have the right technology.

Xcelerated Nitrogen Technology Logo

Xcelerated Nitrogen Technology

  • Prioritizes nitrogen in the ammonium form
  • Increases plant uptake of nitrogen by maintaining plant-available nitrogen in the upper inches of soil, near the root system
  • Increases plant available nitrogen while working with soil microbiology
  • Increases efficiency of nitrogen applications to aid in the growth and development of crops
Net Logo Nutrient Enhancement Technology

Nutrient Enhancement Technology

  • Enzyme package that works to split bonds
  • Increases efficiency in fertilizers applied to the soil
  • Drives nutrient availability in the soil
  • Ensures nutrients are readily available in plant-preferred compounds around the roots for faster delivery
NCeption Logo

nCeption Technology

  • Increases the foliar intake of essential nutrients in key growth stages
  • Supports the photosynthetic process by providing essential nutrients
  • Improves fertilizer efficiency, increasing availability and uptake for essential nutrients
  • Boosts soil CEC in starter fertilizers
  • Feeds microbes that produce enzymes to break down the residue of plants from the prior year
  • Increases plant energy

Plant Nutrition Technology

  • Enhances nutrient uptake of foliar and soil-applied nutrients
  • Improves translocation and efficiency of nutrients within plants
  • Optimizes photosynthetic activity
  • Boosts efficiency of essential nutrients during key growth stages
  • Drives nutrients during late growth stages
  • Increases plant biomass
PGT is a technology that utilizes multiple EPA-approved plant growth technologies that are designed to improve plant growth and performance.

Plant Growth Technology

  • EPA-Registered
  • Increases plant biomass
  • Promotes reproductive and vegetative growth
  • Enhances photosynthetic rate
  • Mitigates abiotic stress

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