Need More Nitrogen in your Plants? Read on…

Daily the AgXplore team meets with agronomists, growers and dealers.  We typically shoot the breeze, talk about nutritional products, adjuvants…really whatever the customer wants to chat about.  But, one thing that consistently comes up is “How do we get more Nitrogen in the plant?”  or “We have some hybrids that are late season Nitrogen hogs and how do we keep Nitrogen in the plant?”  We love these questions because we are often able to provide a successful solution for our customer.  It is really satisfying to know you are able to help a grower with a problem that has been an ongoing struggle.  One thing learned is that a picture speaks much more than words…and this is where the A-ha moments happen.

AgXplore’s XN Technology is a proven solution to the common nitrogen challenge.  XN Technology helps plants prioritize nitrogen in the ammonia form.  This is especially valuable early in a plant’s life when development determines yield potential.  To encourage nitrogen uptake, XN Technology holds nitrogen near the root zone, reducing leaching while gradually feeding plants.  We all know about the four R’s in Nitrogen Management…AgXplore has a fifth R…the RIGHT TECHNOLOGY.  Placement is key when it comes to nitrogen and XN Technology works to place nitrogen right where it is needed and keep it there.  XN Technology is innovating the market with the flexibility to be applied with every nitrogen application and perform consistently across the spectrum.

AgXplore has several Nitrogen Management Aids with XN Technology, including ContaiN, ContaiN Advanced, ContaiN Max, Nzone GL and Nzone Max.  To learn more, reach out and we are happy to talk with you.