Helping Crops Reach Their Full Potential

At AgXplore, all of our plant nutrition, fertility management, and crop nutrient products are designed with one goal: increase your crop’s yield. By combining our custom technologies with properties that reduce stress and enhance plant development, we help growers maximize each field’s ROI capability.

GroPak A.I.
GroPak A.I. is the next generation in AgXplore's GroPak lineup. It is not “just another soybean inoculant”. GroPak A.I. replaces the need for other talc flowability products and covers a wide variety of crops, including corn.
Adrenaline maximizes the effectiveness of nutrients in starter fertilizers.
ArchiTech is a nutrient package that supplies N, P, K, and key micronutrients during periods of peak demand. Key nutrients drive higher rates of photosynthesis to preserve yield potential. ArchiTech also includes GABA which promotes plant growth and development and mitigation of abiotic stresses.
Durable film that protects and enhances pesticide on crop foliage.
BioSense RM
BioSense RM is a customized selection of bacteria intended to improve degradation of crop residue and promote nutrient recycling.  This product can be used on all soil types and crop residues. .Apply post- harvest or post-cover crop.
AMS replacement. Enhances the performance of certain post-emergent herbicides when used properly.
A 7.5% boron foliar product that increases nutrient uptake, usage and assimilation.
A 15% nitrogen and 3% calcium foliar spray fertilizer designed to strengthen plant structure and ensure plant quality.
Balanced 8-32-5 foliar package with added humates. Delivers necessary nutrition when plants need it.
Premium liquid AMS replacement. Enhances the performance of certain pre- and post-emergent herbicides.
Nitrogen management aid for above and below ground. Ideal for pairing with Urea or UAN.
ContaiN Advanced
Nitrogen management aid for above and below ground. Improves plant uptake. Ideal for pairing with Urea or UAN.
ContaiN Duo
Nitrogen management product for dry and liquid applications used to reduce nitrogen loss and help the plant utilize nitrogen more efficiently.
ContaiN MAX
Nitrogen management aid for above and below ground. Improves plant uptake, nitrogen availability and more. Ideal for pairing with Urea or UAN.
Copper Advanced
Prevents and/or corrects copper deficiencies within crops and ornamentals.
Nutrient blend formulated to trigger higher yield potential from corn hybrids.
Adjuvant that increases the cohesion of water molecules, improving the accuracy of spray applications and more.
Complete blend designed for glyphosate and dicamba based herbicides.
Fireball Plus
Superior blend of nonionic, low-foam surfactants. Ideal for a wide range of pesticides.
Spray adjuvant designed to maximize pesticide performance. Improves deposition and pesticide uptake.
Foam Free
High-grade silicone anti-foaming solution. Proven to reduce or eliminate foam in most agriculture spray equipment.
Full-Cal is designed to be sprayed on field, row, vegetable, row and vine crops to prevent and/or correct calcium deficiency.
Hopper box treatment featuring a proprietary blend of organically complex plant nutrients. Replaces talc and graphite.
GroPak SB
Specially formulated soybean seed treatment to support early-season vigor.
High-quality, double-filtered 12% humic acid formulated from leonardite ore. Improves the efficacy of other products and low CEC soils.
Blend designed to use with a broad range of pesticides for improved performance.
JamPak is a plant supplement packed with 7 essential micronutrients that is pecifically formulated for liquid fertilizer applications.
Jette 80/20
Economical spreader-activator that delivers quick wetting and absorption, and aids in assimilation and translocation. Can be used with most pesticides.
Adjuvant blend used with pre-plant and pre-emergent herbicides to enhance coverage, deposition and more.
Lignin Magnesium 5%
Essential nutrient needed for plant performance.
Compatibility agent and pH modifier that improves the stability of liquid fertilizers mixed with pesticides and/or micronutrients.
Manganese 6% EDTA
Manganese 6% EDTA helps correct manganese deficiency in crops.
Spray adjuvant that enhances the performance of certain post-emergent herbicides by increasing leaf coverage and absorption in adverse conditions.
MicroCoat Ultra
MicroCoat Ultra is designed to improve the efficiency of applied fertilizers by accelerating the conversion and absorption of nutrients to a plant available form.
MicroScience is a proprietary blend of secondary and micro plant nutrients designed as a foliar spray to deliver nutrients quickly to plants.
Nutritional additive for farmers who need humic to stimulate microbial activity.
The ultimate blend of nitrogen and chelated micronutrients for enhanced plant performance and vigor.
Liquid potassium fertilizer designed for maximum plant uptake and usage.
An 8-10-2 complete nutrient blend. Helps increase yield, crop quality, and plant mass. Promotes healthier soil.
NZone GL
Nitrogen management aid formulated for anhydrous ammonia and UAN applications.
Nitrogen management aid engineered to maximize nitrogen efficiency and reduce leaching. Ideal for UAN application.
Proprietary blend of complex carbohydrates and biologically derived metabolites. Enhances plant performance and vigor.
EPA registered plant growth regulator for enhancing root and shoot growth, photosynthesis, abiotic stress resistance, and mineral uptake.
Onward Max
EPA registered plant growth regulator for enhancing root and shoot growth, photosynthesis, abiotic stress resistance, and mineral uptake.
A 100% active spray adjuvant that works with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and defoliants for superior spreading, penetration and activation.
A multi-functional adjuvant designed to lower the pH of spray solutions, enhance the performance of agricultural chemicals and more.
PremierePak Advanced
PremierePak Advanced is designed to improve the efficiency of applied fertilizers by accelerating the conversion and absorption of nutrients to a plant available form.
Fertilizer catalyst designed to improve phosphate availability.
Advanced foliar nutritional supplement. Provides the nutrients necessary for production in peak growing stages.
Superior agricultural spray system cleaner for tanks, lines, and nozzles. Designed to remove pesticide and/or herbicide residue.
Combination of essential plant nutrients. Promotes plant performance and increases yield potential through foliar application.
Spredde 90/10
A 90/10 superior nonionic designed to improve spray distribution and retention on plant surfaces when used with insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
A 4-0-18-12S foliar fertilizer. Supplements mid- to late-season potassium and sulfur demands.
SurPik II
Concentrated organosilicone solution designed to help reduce buildup and clean spindles on cotton pickers.
Superior nonionic agent used with water-based herbicides to create uniform spreading and improve leaf absorption.
AMS replacement. Improves the performance of certain herbicides, especially in situations of environmental stress.
TriElement is a plant nutritional for growers who need better nitrogen metabolism.
Triple Play
Multipurpose adjuvant containing deposition agents, nonionic surfactants, and activators that enhance agricultural spray solutions.
Triple Zinc 12%
Essential nutrient needed for plant performance.
Tyrant CSOC
Highly refined cotton seed oil designed to replace standard crop oil and enhance pesticides by improving spray coverage and translocation into leaves.
UpWard is a customized humic acid base coupled with fulvic acid, spiked with complex carbohydrates, simple sugars and NET Technology designed for soil and foliar applications.
A 7-12-1 foliar fertilizer formula with a trace element nutrient package to aid in plant performance and increase yield potential.
XFenceTM is designed to defend against deer, rabbits, squirrels, that feed on flowers, grass, shrubs, plant seedlings, and stored seed/grain.
Intended to complement your foliar potassium program and contains key nutrients often lost to weathering.
XR5 Boron
XR5 Boron is a 7.5% boron featuring nCeption and NTake technologies which increases nutrient uptake and utilization, and packs a bigger carbon punch when compared to BorPak.
XR5 Boron Duo
XR⁵ Boron Duo is a proprietary blend of Boron and Molybdenum designed to be used as a supplement to your regular fertilization.
XR5 Sulfur
Foliar sulfur technology designed to complement nutrient demand and increase yield potential.
Zinc 9%
Zinc 9% is EDTA chelated treated enhanced with ChelaTech technology, allowing for immediate uptake to the plant.
Zinc 10% Ammoniated
Essential nutrient needed for plant performance.
Zinc 20% Ammoniated
Essential nutrient needed for plant performance.

Our Proprietary TECHNOLOGY

We all understand the importance of the right source, right rate, right time and right place to improve ROI and yield. But the advantage to AgXplore is our team also understands the importance of the right technology.

Xcelerated Nitrogen

Maintains nitrogen placement without disturbing soil biology.


Increases nutrient availability in the soil.


Carbon sources that increase nutrient absorption.


Maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems.


Utilizes multiple EPA-approved plant growth technologies that are designed to improve plant growth and performance.

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