ContaiN MAX

Canola, Corn, Cotton, Potatoes, Rice, Soybean, Wheat, Other

ContaiN MAX is the world’s first nitrogen management aid featuring triple-action technology. It delivers more function in one formula:

  1. NBPT provides above ground protection and below ground efficiency
  2. Keeps nitrogen inputs in ammonium form
  3. Microbes digest compounds, eliminate residue and improve soil

This revolutionary nitrogen management aid uses an innovative formulation that maximizes the potential of nitrogen fertilizer, minimizes leaching into ground water, activates organic matter and more. ContaiN MAX is not only convenient but gives an excellent return on investment.

Ideal for pairing with urea or UAN to efficiently increase nitrogen usage and reduce loss due to volatilization and leaching. ContaiN MAX can be used with multiple sources of fertilizer.

Product Advantages

  • Protects both above and below ground nitrogen.
  • Improves plant uptake and aids in nutrient mineralization thanks to a microbial package.
  • Increases nitrogen efficiency.
  • Manages nitrogen availability during key growth stages.
  • Maximizes the potential of nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Minimizes leaching into ground water.
  • Activates and maintains organic matter to balance soil.
  • Applies easily thanks to properties that reduce sticking and bridging in blenders and spreaders with urea.
  • Reduces environmental impact.

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