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Growing Yields by Protecting Fertilizer Inputs

Why are you settling for only fractions of availability from your nutritional inputs? According to the USDA, the United States alone consumed over 44 million tons of N, P, and K in 2019. So with billions of dollars in the ground, settling for 20-40% of your nutritional investment seems like a huge strain on efficiency and resources like time, custom applications, and implement hours to name a few. There is a better way and AgXplore is leading the charge.
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Nitrogen Management, Plant Nutritionals Raise Yields, Protein and the Bar

In northwestern North Dakota, near the city of Stanley, Warren and Meredith Craft farm over 5,000 acres. Their crops for the upcoming season include spring wheat, field peas, soybeans and flax. Because their biggest crop is wheat, it’s important to have good yield and high protein levels at harvest. Protein is the key when they haul to the elevator. “They’ll discount you eight to 10 cents a bushel if you don’t make the 14 percent protein level,” Warren says.
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Changing the Sulfur Game: Why You Need to Add Sulfur to Your Crop Production

Sulfur (S) has often been coined the “fourth most essential nutrient” following closely behind N, P, and K. However, in recent years the booming growth of sulfur deficiencies has many asking more pointed questions, why are sulfur applications more important now than in previous years and how can we solve the issue.
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Haines Tops NCGA Corn Yield for Second Consecutive Year with AgXplore Products

AgXplore is thrilled to announce that long-time customer, Drew Haines, has once again shattered yield-records, recording year-end yields
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