Specializing in Plant Nutrition Management

A Partner to Growers for More Than 20 Years

Our AgXplore team brings together leading agronomists, nutritionists, biochemists and more; many have worked at “Big Ag” corporations while also farming their own land. While our backgrounds are diverse, we are united in the belief in a better way.

We work directly with growers and develop connections that span numerous seasons. Your goals become our goals- your problems too. We’re not bound by moving products. We live and work in your communities, and are driven by your success.

What Makes Us Different

Global Resources

As a one of the leading providers of crop fertility management services, we have access to best-in-class resources from around the globe, we have the flexibility to adapt and seize opportunities that are in growers’ best interests.

Crafted Technologies

When designing technology, we consider the entire plant system and function, taking our products to the next level of performance.


Every aspect of our business is influenced by our focus on helping growers achieve their crop goals and optimal plant nutrition management.

Freedom to Innovate

We are not tied to big-Ag or limited to restrictive resources and techniques that often stem from corporate policies. Our team is passionate about solving agriculture’s biggest problems.

Customized Solutions

We look at your entire growing operation and develop a comprehensive approach that enhances plant nutrition throughout the growth cycle for boosted yields and better function.

Talk with One of Our Experts

Our agronomists work one-on-one with growers to develop a deeper understanding of your needs, issues and objectives. Contact us today for a personalized assessment.