PremierePak Advanced

Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Other

PremierePak Advanced is a combination of essential nutrients (copper, boron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and nitrogen) combined with AgXplore’s NTake, nCeption and NET (Nutrient Efficiency Technology) Technologies.

PremierePak Advanced has an easy-to-use liquid formulation that is application-friendly while providing an even distribution of nutrients on each granule/prill of fertilizer. This micronutrient blend is essential for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, resulting in the optimized yield potential. PremierePak Advanced provides major benefits to crop production, resulting in optimum plant efficiency and the best ROI to the grower.

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nCeption: Makes it easier for plants to absorb and use nutrients, especially during key growth stages.

NTake: Helps rapidly disperse nutrients within plants to exactly where they need to go.

NET: Improves nutrient availability applied to and in the soil.

Product Advantages

  • PremierePak Advanced utilizes important elements to provide crops with essential components needed for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.
  • PremierePak Advanced enhances nutrient availability and utilization by plants by increasing cation availability and minimizing nutrient fixation.

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