XR5 Sulfur

Barley, Corn, Cotton, Lentils, Oats, Peas, Soybean, Wheat, Other

XR5 Sulfur is a foliar product with a nutrient analysis of 8-0-0-17S. This product includes a highly soluble plant available form of sulfur and is combined with our NTake Technology to improve sulfur mobilization. XR5 Sulfur supports crop sulfur demand and rapidly kick starts crops by ramping photosynthesis activity to improve vegetative and reproductive growth. In addition, XR5 Sulfur will aid in the synthesis of proteins and chlorophyll production. Unlike soil applied sulfur, XR5 sulfur offers a highly efficient foliar sulfur during peak crop demands.

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NTake: Helps rapidly disperse nutrients within products to exactly where they need to go.

Product Advantages

  • NTake maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems.
  • Highly efficient source of necessary sulfur for plants during peak demand stage.
  • Essential for chlorophyll production.
  • Excellent source of foliar sulfur that can be tank mixed with post applications across multiple crops.

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