GroPak A.I.

Canola, Corn, Cotton, Oats, Peas, Potatoes, Rice, Soybean, Wheat, Other

GroPak A.I. is the next generation in AgXplore’s GroPak lineup. GroPak A.I. is a planter box seed treatment product specifically formulated with:

  • A micronutrient package to benefit the seed
  • Proven biological strains
  • A dry talc formulation
  • nCeption technology
  • NTake technology

GroPak A.I. is not “just another soybean inoculant”. GroPak A.I. replaces the need for other talc flowability products and covers a wide variety of crops, including corn.

GroPak A.I. provides micronutrients, biologicals, and technology on the seed primarily to aid in germination and emergence by enhancing nutrient uptake and mobility. AgXplore recommends in-furrow products (where applicable) to provide additional benefits: Adrenaline, N-Ferno, Octane, UpWard.

How Does It Work?

AgX technology nCeption, provides carbon sources that increase nutrient absorption, while NTake technology maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems. The biological package promotes nodulation and supports nutrient uptake and utilization.

GroPak A.I. is AgXplore’s premier planter box seed treatment. GroPak A.I. is specifically formulated with a micronutrient package to benefit the seed, along with proven bacteria strains, all combined in a dry talc formulation powered by AgXplore’s nCeption and Ntake technologies.

Charts showing soybean trials of using GroPak AI.

Charts showing corn trials of using GroPak AI.

Chart comparing GroPak to GroPak AI.

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