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UpWard is a customized humic acid base coupled with fulvic acid, spiked with complex carbohydrates, simple sugars and NET Technology designed for soil and foliar applications. UpWard is engineered to enhance plant performance and vigor, improve phosphorus efficiency and availability, and root uptake.

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NET, nCeption, and NTake

Product Advantages

  • Can provide benefits to soil health, food for microbial populations, and aid in nutrient uptake by the plant
  • Designed to be paired with liquid phosphate sources or in the absence of fertilizer’
  • Aids in strong stand establishment by increasing seedling vigor as well as nutrient mobilization to support root and shoot development
  • NET technology increases nutrient availability
  • nCeption technology provides carbon sources that increase nutrient absorption
  • NTake technology maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems

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