Plant Nutrition

Yield potential. It is a common topic between dealers, growers and the AgXplore team. Knowing how to increase it, what products are needed, etc. After years of research and trials, we have proven that plant nutrition is a leading factor when it comes to maximum yield potential. When it comes to supplementing your plants, a little change in how you farm can make a big impact. Implementing proper plant nutrition is a critical step to crop management that enables growers to address common problems while achieving – and often exceeding – production goals. We have encountered stressful environmental conditions, small leaf index, leaf rolling, poor grain fill and so much more. That’s why we have created plant nutrition products that protect, support and strengthen crops.

Have we left you thinking about massive increases in yield potential? Don’t worry. We have research to back it up and products to share. Let’s take a look at research on just two of our high impact products.

NutriPak is an 8-10-2 complex nutrient blend that increases yield, crop quality and plant mass while promoting healthier soil. As noted in the research document below in our 2020 V3 Foliar Corn Efficiency Trial, NutriPak produced a 4.9 bushel/acre increase. With the use of our nCeption and NTake technologies, this product has served as a vital plant nutrition product to corn, cotton, soybean, wheat and other crops.


Another unique product we have created is BorPak. This 7.5% boron package powered by our NTake technology could be your ticket to higher profits and great ROI. In our AgriTech Consulting, Whitewater, WI Trial, BorPak produced a 5.79 bushel/acre average increase. In between the right amount of boron and the use of NTake, growers will see a better overall plant structure and boost in efficient boron use. To top it off it can be used on a variety of crops.

For more information about our products and their outcomes in the fields visit There you will have access to countless research documents reminding you why our nutrient products are right for you.