Protect your bottom line.


Protect your bottom line.

with by AgXplore.

Nitrogen is one of the most critical inputs for crop production. Nitrogen is also susceptible to loss. Rainfall and irrigation water results in leaching and nitrogen deficiencies which causes reduced yield. Adding more nitrogen not only increases your dollars, but also can lead to nitrogen pollution and can negatively affect the soil, crop, and the environment.

Our nitrogen management aids, infused with XN Technology, uses a biodegradable polymer that is highly negatively charged, creating a CEC site for positively charged ammonium to bind. This locks your investment in the soil profile to promote uptake and fertilizer efficiency, all while maintaining soil biology.

Advantages of XN Technology:

  • Maintains nitrogen placement without disrupting soil biology
  • Reduces nitrogen loss due to leaching
  • Increases nitrogen availability and uptake
  • Natural and biodegradable

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