Enhances soil nutrient conditions to supports roots and early plant development
Supplements nutrition to enhance plant health
Protects from environmental stressors
Maximizes overall performance

Boron is an important plant nutrient because it regulates sugar. You need the right amount of boron during a plant’s reproductive stage to develop fruits, vegetables and/or blooms. Using boron effectively has been proven to increase yield totals.

BorPak is a 7.5% boron package powered by our exclusive NTake Technology. NTake helps maximize and speed up accurate boron delivery to critical plant systems. This helps develop better plant structure and boost efficient boron use than when using boron alone.

BorPak is one multipurpose product that works with multiple crop types, and it could be your ticket to higher profits and great all-around ROI. Get more from boron for less.

You can use BorPak as a foliar spray or you can apply it to soil where boron levels are low.

Powered by Exclusive AgXplore Technologies

NTake: Helps rapidly disperse nutrients within products to exactly where they need to go.

Product Advantages

  • Contains a highly soluble/plant available form of boron.
  • Enhances nutrient delivery inside plants.
  • Benefits a wide variety of crops.
  • Encourages improved production when applied early in the season.
  • Helps with pod retention during stressful periods when applied later in the season.