Powered by our NEW proprietary NTakeTM technology, XR5 Sulfur is the next generation of SulPak

What is XR5 Sulfur?

XR5 Sulfur enhances nutrient uptake and mobilization to help reduce environmental stresses that may decrease yield potential.

A proprietary blend of Sulfur (8-0-0-17S) paired with our new NTakeTM technology.

How Does It Work?

Sulfur is a critical component to a plant’s normal use of enzymes and hormones, as well as the formation of chlorophyll. XR5 Sulfur, combined with our new NTakeTM technology, helps ensure optimal sulfur levels, enhances nutrient uptake and mobilization, and reduces abiotic stress.

Why Use XR5 Sulfur?

XR5 Sulfur is designed to complement nutrient demand and increase yield potential. XR5 Sulfur is an excellent source of foliar sulfur that can be tank mixed with post applications across multiple crops.

Advantages of XR5 Sulfur

  • NTakeTM technology maximizes nutrient mobility to critical plant systems
  • Highly efficient source of necessary sulfur for plants during peak demand stage
  • Essential for chlorophyll production

Foliar application of sulfur is gaining popularity due to rapid crop growth response and frequent yield gains.

Learn why Sulfur is such a valued part of the growing process for many crops.

XR5 Sulfur Research

Yield Response by Crop

Untreated on left, XR5 Sulfur on right.

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